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Locksmith services are usually consumed by those who need them all of a sudden. An optimal service is one that is provided by a local tech.



If you are looking for a locksmith who can provide such a service as a car lockout or a house lockout, you can trust 24/7 Columbus Locksmith to get to your location within minutes.


Call us right now at (614) 503-4472 and get the fastest and highest quality locksmith service, for the best price you will find in Columbus!



24/7 Columbus Locksmith offers mobile AM/PM services, which are available all around the Columbus metro area. We are ready to get to your address and provide the service that you need anytime, literally.


24/7 Columbus Locksmith Offers:



The most important factors that have an impact on how successful a locksmith service turns out to be are the technician’s professionalism, the quality of the parts that he supplies and, of course, the response time.


A good locksmith company that cares about its reputation can control all of these factors, by employing enough technicians around the coverage area and making sure that these technicians are as reliable as their certificates claim.


24/7 Columbus Locksmith employs only licensed and bonded locksmiths, who are thoroughly examined before they become a part of our staff. Excellence is not our aim, but our starting point, when it comes to the services that our technicians provide.


Our working tools and replacement parts come from the leading brands in the industry and we provide an external 90-day guarantee, to keep our customers covered in the long run.


If you need a locksmith service in Columbus, our company has you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us right now at (614) 503-4472, we will arrive within 15 minutes of your call!



*Prices do not include parts. Parts vary by what is possible to install or required by the specific type of car or door.